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If you’ve ever wondered what the hell pornographers were talking about when describing a site and using bizarre terms, this is the site for you.

The Porn Dictionary lists a quick and dirty run-down of some common, and not-so-common porn terms including all kinds of philia’s, abbreviations, slang terms, links and obviously basic definitions.

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Term: Dyke:
Definition: Reclaimed derogatory slang. Refers to lesbians, or to lesbians and bisexual females.


Cross Dresser

Term: Cross Dresser (CD):
Definition: One who, regardless of the motivation, wears clothes, makeup, etc. which are considered (by the culture) appropriate for the other gender but not one’s own.


Term: Heterosexism
Definition: A particular subset of the oppression of LesBiGays. The assumption that identifying as heterosexual and having sexual or romantic attractions only to members of the other gender is good and desirable, and that other sexual identities and attractions are bad and unacceptable, and that anyone is straight whose sexual identity is not known, usually coupled with a “blindness” to the existence and concerns of LesBiGays. (See homophobia, biphobia.) A heterosexist is one who practices heterosexism


Term: Gay
Definition:  One who has significant sexual and romantic attractions primarily to members of the same sex (as oneself), or who identifies as a member of the gay community.
Sometimes refers only to gay males, sometimes only to gay males and
lesbians. Although some people use the term gay (commmunity) to
refer to all sexual minorities (or the sexual minority community),

Lesbians and Bisexuals often do not feel included by it.
Derogatory slang includes: queer, faggot, swish.


Term: Lesbian
Definition: A woman who has significant sexual and romantic attractions to members of the same sex, or who identifies as a member of the lesbian community. Bisexual women often do not feel included by this term. Derogatory slang: dyke, lesbo.

Sexual Identity

Term: Sexual Identity
Definition: How one thinks of oneself, in terms of being significantly attracted to members of the same or the other sex. Based on one’s internal experience, as opposed to which gender one’s actual sexual partners belong to. (See sexual orientation/preference.)

Sexual identity refers to how one thinks of oneself in terms of whom one is sexually and romantically attracted to, specifically whether one is attracted to members of the same gender as one’s own or the other gender than one’s own.

Society prescribes arbitrary rules that one should be sexually and romantically attracted to members of the other gender than one’s own, and should not be attracted to members of the same gender as one’s own.

Anyone who does not abide by these arbitrary rules may be targeted for mistreatment ranging from not being included in people’s circle of friends, through the cold shoulder, snide comments, verbal harrassment, assault, rape, and murder based on one’s (perceived) sexual identity. (See homophobia and biphobia.) When one’s sex and one’s gender identity are different, one may base one’s sexual identity on either one.

Alternatively, one may have two sexual identities, one as a man and
one as a woman.

Gender Identity

Term: Gender Identity
Definition: Gender identity refers to how one thinks of one’s own gender: whether one thinks of oneself as a man (masculine) or as a woman (feminine.) Society prescribes arbitrary rules or gender roles (how one is supposed to and not supposed to dress, act, think, feel, relate to others, think of oneself, etc.) based on one’s sex (whether one has a vagina or a penis.) These gender roles are called feminine and masculine. Anyone who does not abide by these arbitrary rules may be targeted for mistreatment ranging from not being included in people’s circle of friends, through the cold shoulder, snide comments, verbal harrassment, assault, rape, and murder based on one’s (perceived) gender identity.

Sexual Identity and Gender Identity are similar in some ways and very different in others. Both refer to how one thinks of a person. The existence and perpetuation of gender and sexual identities is based in the historic and continuing oppression (systematic mistreatment condoned by society as a whole) of people do not conform to certain aspects of society’s gender roles. Gender roles refer to the clothing, behaviors, thoughts, feelings, relationships, etc., that are considered appropriate or inappropriate for members of each sex.

However, sex, gender identity, and sexual identity refer todifferent aspects of oneself. Therefore, one may be any combinationof sex (male/female), gender (masculine/feminine), and sexual identity(straight, bisexual, lesbian/gay.) In recent history, peopleoppressed on the basis of different sexual identities (bisexuals,lesbians, gay men) and people oppressed on the basis of genderidentity have formed communities which are partly separate and partlyoverlapping with one another. Because of this historic separation,someone who is a member of one of these communities does notnecessarily understand and prioritize the issues of others of thesecommunities. One who belongs to more than one of these communitiesmay feel welcome in both, but usually neither addresses all one’sneeds or the way that one’s needs from different communities overlapor interact.



Term: Monosexual
Definition: One who has significant sexual or romantic attractions only to members of one sex. Straight, gay, lesbian. Not bisexual. Related terms: monosexism, monosexist. (See heterosexist.)


Term: Straight
Definition: Colloquial for heterosexual. Straight has connotationsof “unadulterated,” “pure,” and “honest,” and some members of thesexual identity community find distateful the implication that onewho is not straight is “bent,” “adulterated,” “impure,” or” dishonest.” Straight also has connotations of “narrow,””straight-laced” or “conservative,” and some heterosexual people find it distasteful.


Term: Transgendered (TG)
Definition: One who switches gender roles, whether just once,
or many times at will. Inclusive term for transsexuals and

See also:

Transgender community: Formal term for gender community.


Term: Woman
Definition:  Woman, womyn, womin: 1. A female adult. 2. One who identifies with
the feminine gender role, regardless of present sex or sexual
identity. Plurals: women, wymyn, wimmin.

Cum shot

Term: Cum shot
Definition: Powerfull discharge of semen from the penis caused by sexual stimulation
Synonyms: ejaculation, cum blast

Definitions From Urban Dictionary:

To ejaculate. Typically on a part of the body. For example, on the face (i.e. facial), in the mouth, on the breasts, on the legs or buttocks. Some fetishes even shown ‘cumshots’ on leather boots. Cumshots typically refer to a male ejaculating on a female but also include ejaculation on another male, inanimate objects, animals, or simply into the air (the cum falls where it may). The cumshot is very popular in pornography perhaps due to its explicit sexual nature which excites many.
Silvia Saint took a beautiful cumshot all over her face and tits.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

A cum shot, cumshot, cum blast, come shot,[1][2] pop shot, or money shot are slang terms used to describe a person ejaculating (in film or video, or image in apornographic magazine), usually onto a person or object.

  • Blast me.
  • Give me some ( sperm )

But the very origin of the term is that “cum shot” normally refers to filming of the ejaculation scene in a pornographic movie (the term “shot” in “cum shot” refers to the filming, or “shooting” of the scene)

  • Cum shot  ( Take one )
  • Cum shot  ( Take two )

Landing Strip

Term: Landing Strip
Definition: The small strip of pubic hair that is just above the vagina which is left after shaving a female’s genital area
Synonyms: Brazilian, landingstrip

Example: I love cunnilingus when the chick has a landing strip, that little bit of hair is so fucking sexy.

Landing Strip

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Term: Dildo
Definition: A sex toy often shaped like a penis that is primarily used for masturbation and sexual stimulation of the vagina or anus.
Synonyms: dong, vibrator

Example: My favorite dildo in the world is the rabbit, only the Sybian is better than my rabbit dong.

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Wounded Pigeon

Term: Wounded Pigeon
Definition: The act of breaking a sexual partner’s arm before receiving a handjob from that person. The jerking action resulting from the wound mimics that of a wounded pigeon.

Example: Hey bro, last night I hired a hooker and got a wounded pigeon off her. She was pissed when I didn’t tip.

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Term: Motorboating
Definition: An act where a person places one’s face in between a busty woman’s breasts, shaking their head from side to side and yelling at the same time, which has the effect of creating a sound similar to that of an outboard boat engine.
Synonyms: motorboat, motor boating

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Term: Strapadictomy
Definition: The act of strapping on a dildo in preparation for vaginal or anal penetration
Synonyms: Strapodictomy, Strapadicktome, Strap a dick to me

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Term: Furry
Definition: Erotic pictures and/or videos that feature (usually "furry") animal-like models with human-like personalities and characteristics
Synonyms: furry porn, fur fandom, furry fandom, furries, furrydom, furdom

Example: Check out that sexy fox, that’s real furry porn right there!


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Term: Yuri
Definition: A Japanese term lesbian used in manga and anime, used similarly to the term yaoi for gay men

Definitions From Urban Dictionary:

  • 1. Explicit lesbian relationships in anime or manga 2.To be the first to do something. Derived from Yuri Gagarin, first human in space.
    Example: 1. Makoto and Ami of Sailor Moon have long been suspected of being involved in a yuri subplot. 2.Bob pulled a Yuri and leapt from the second story of the building to the first to save time. Nobody had ever done that before.
  • The sexual and romantic relationship between 2 females in an anime, or manga. of lesbian nature
    Example: Utena Tenjou and Anthy Himemiya/ Juri Arisugawa and Shiori
  • 1. The femmeslash equivelant of yaoi. Explicit lesbian sex. Started in the anime fandoms, but can be applied to just about anything with girl/girl porn.
    Example: A summary for a yuri story might read: Mai gets a new dildo and tries it out with Serenity. This story contains yuri.
  • Anime, manga, or fanfic that depicts explicit lesbian relationships. Usually focuses on the passionate/ lustful/ physical side of the relationship, unlike shoujo-ai which focuses on the romantic/ loving/ emotional side. Usually R rated or higher. Also, a fairly common girl’s name in Japan, meaning “Lily”.
    Example: Even if you have no problem with lesbianism, I would not reccomend showing Yuri to your kids.
  • Can refer to: 1)A name especially popular in Asia, can be male or female depending upon location 2)A japanese word meaning ‘lily’, which in the late 20th century started being used to refer to lesbians and then specifically to explicit lesbianism in hentai anime and related media
    Example: Examples 1) Yuri Gagarin, Sung Yuri 2) from ‘Yurizoku’, meaning ‘tribe of the lily’, later shortened
  • 1. A common Japanese girl’s name meaning ‘lily.’ 2. Language spoken in the islands of New Guinea and the Amazon. 3. A genre of sexually explicit anime/manga literally meaning Girls Love. It is a Japanese jargon term for content and a genre involving love between women in manga, anime, and related Japanese media. Yuri can focus either on the sexual or the emotional aspects of the relationship, the latter sometimes being called sh?jo-ai by western fans. The themes yuri deals with have their roots in the Japanese lesbian literature of early twentieth century, with pieces such as Yaneura no Nishojo by Nobuko Yoshiya. Nevertheless, it is not until the 1970s that lesbian-themed works began to appear in manga, by the hand of artists such as Ryoko Yamagishi and Riyoko Ikeda. The 1990s brought new trends in manga and anime, as well as in d?jinshi productions, along with more acceptance for this kind of content. In 2003 the first manga magazine specifically dedicated to yuri was launched under the name Yuri Shimai, followed by its revival Comic Yuri Hime, launched after the former was discontinued in 2004.
    Example: 1. Hello Yuri! Welcome to Japan! 2. People living in the Amazons speak yuri. 3. I bought the new volume of this yuri manga.
  • Defines as an anime relation that envolves female to female contact. Kind of like lesbians they are in love, and take part in love type activities.May it be sexual or not.
    Example: “My, Don’t Anzu and Mai make a cute yuri couple?”
  • Yuri is a wide-spread Slavic name commonly used throughout Russia and its former territories, namely the Ukraine and Belorus. The name derives from a Russian equivalent of George — Georgiy (ghe-or-ghiy), and is a Russified, colloqual form. The Orthodox church does not accept this form and babies and grown-ups baptized are given the name of Georgiy (George).
    Example: Who is this start-up founder? His name is Yuri Baranov, and he launched a few successful companies.
  • The same as “yaoi” But with the oppiste gender
    Example: yaoi with females is called yuri
  • To be the first one to do something spectacular. Derived from the Russian Cosmonaut, Yuri Gagarin, the first man in space.
    Example: Anthony knew that the only way to boost sales on his AT-HOME-LIPOSUCTION kit was to do a Yuri and have his cousin Sal videotape the amazingly simple procedure using a bicycle pump, surgical tubing and a turkey baster.
  • A japanese term for a love relation ship between two girls (Lesbian) often used in anime. however there are very few yuris out there so yuri fans are quite neglected
    Example: Girl 1: i love yuri Okazu fan: so do i Girl 2: you like manga like chirality too? Girl 1: yeah!
  • 1-An awesome first name from russia that unfortunately has had its reputation ruined by japanese perverts
    Example: example- Teresa- Hello what is your name Yuri- Hi my name is Yuri Teresa- nice to meet you… doesn’t your name mean lesbian porn in japan… Yuri-…(Awkward silence)… Wanna film ourselves having sex? Teresa- sure lets go to my apartment Yuri-Fuck yeah!!!!!!!!!!
  • An obvious or intentional lesbian relationship, using sexual.
    Example: Tomoyo and Sakura are not a yuri couple, because they have never done anything sexual.
  • Is the most amazing person you will ever meet She love to dance and be nice to everyone everyone is jealous because she super cute and just has an awsome personality great taste and makeup AND STYLE!!!!!!!EVERYONE WANTS TO BE HER!!!!!!
    Example: Damn! Look at yuri, thats a girl that everyone wants,girl or boy!
  • The hottest Russian boy you will ever meet.
    Example: That Yuri is so damn fine; I want to tap that shit.
  • person that likes to watch porn ’till 4, mostly has a strong right arm which he uses to mosh during in flames and other ass-kick bands.
    Example: ‘look at those arms, he must be a Yuri’
  • A guy who keeps his hat on during sex.
    Example: You think Papa Smurf takes his hat off during sex? Naw, man. He’s a total yuri.
  • always fat usually stuffs her bra. lesbian but scared to admit. claims she is self-controlled but is actually a brainer. If you see her, she will be attempting to hit on any random men. two-faced bitch who lies a lot never trust her.
    Example: guy 1: yo i hooked up with the ugliest girl yesterday thank god i was drunk guy 2: EWWWW YURI???????? shes a lesbian.
  • Yuri’s Revenge, popular computer game.
    Example: Person 1: “Wanna Yuri?” Person 2: “Yeah sure. I’ll be online in a sec”
  • To pull a Yuri, simply go to some weekly/daily/monthly social gathering and announce its the last time you can come, and then never cease coming, despite the fact that every time may be your last!
    Example: EX. 1-”Yeah, on our MUD some n00b was pullin a yuri.” EX. 2-”I won’t be around anymore, today is my last day on here! Goodbye cruel world! Oh woe is me..”

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