Cream Pie

Term: Cream Pie
Definition: When a man shoots his load inside of the vagina, ass, or mouth it’s called a creampie or cream pie.
Synonyms: creampie, internal cumshot

Cream Pie

Definitions From Urban Dictionary:

  • A vagina that’s had a load of semen shot into it. Note – semen ON a vagina is NOT a cream pie. Cream pies have cream on the INSIDE. A vagina that mearly has semen ON it is just a messy vagina. Cream must be injected!
    Example: Fred stuffed his cock far inside Miffy and made a cream pie that took a full 5 minutes to run back out.
  • A phrase originating from the adult industry in which the male ejaculates into his partner instead of pulling out.
    Example: Peter North gave Brianna Banks a mighty cream pie! She must’ve been leaking semen for days!
  • 1.Often refered to as “traditional Sex” (or straight/anal sex in the adult industry) whereby the man shoots his seed inside of the pussy. The actual creampie or “proof” is the point when the man pulls out and the semen can be seen leeking out. 2. A less popular form of adult entertainment that relies more on the pill than on the rubber any mans fantasy 3. a shot inside of the Anus is still refered to as a creampie but should more commonly be called an Anal creampie. (whereby which a man jacks his load into the shithole of one desperate bitch
    Example: In my opinion the best kind of porn out there if i had to say anything and i aint no porn freak but it aint messy it doesnt gross you out (from looking at a guys fucking dick for 50% of the movie and girls excuse me im talking to the straight guys here) and it doesnt have all that wierd ass bull that comes out now adays (like foot sex arm sex farm sex you name it its been done)
  • A pastry or pie that has a cream filling.
    Example: Gertcha, this chocolate ecclaire is the BEST CREAM PIE I’ve ever had!
  • A phrase used by the adult world to describe a vagina or anus that is soaked with cum, or semen. Pornography thich contains sexual scenes involving cum-drenched vaginas and/or anuses.
    Example: Most sites which claim to have creampie porn are either pay-sites, or bullshit sites which sprout gay porn pop-up links.
  • When a man ejaculates into a woman’s pussy or a man or woman’s anus and then either the ejaculator or someone else licks, sucks or otherwise cleans it up by injesting the fluids.
    Example: When my boyfriend cums in my pussy and then my husband eats the cream pie.
  • A pie filled with cream.
    Example: Ooh, that banana cream pie looks tasty.

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