Term: Cuckold
Definition: A man who is married to a wife who is unfaithful. Cuckolding in porn usually refers to a man who witnesses his wife engaging in a sexual act with another man, often of a different ethnicity.
Synonyms: cuckolding, cheating, adultery, unfaithful

Definitions From Urban Dictionary:

  • A sexually inadequate husband who accepts his wife’s pussy is her solely property and she alone decides which men she will fuck,even if it means denying her husband. His only access to her pussy is to clean it of the ejaculate of males she chooses to fuck.
    Example: Doug has the penis of a young boy and has never given his wife Jill an orgasm. His choice was divorce or be a cuckold. He is now a fully submissive cuckold to Jill.
  • A submissive husband with a wife who takes on alpha-male lovers whereby the wife’s sexual pleasures become the husband’s vicarious sexual pleasures and experiences.
    Example: The cuckold husband developed an erection as his imagination ran wild with sexual thoughts during the preparation of drinks for his wife and her new lover.
  • A husband whose wife chooses to have lovers.
    Example: He and his spouse adored one another, but she chose to maintain independence and have lovers. He was a cuckold.
  • A man who gains sexual pleasure in the knowledge that his wife has made love or is making love to other men. Cuckolds are usually submissive, often have a small penis, suffer from premature ejaculation, ‘enjoy’ sexual humiliation and are rarely able to satisfy their wives.
    Example: Neville’s wife first cuckolded him almost thirty years ago. He could not bring her to orgasm, only has a tiny (3″) penis, and my friend, Chris, becamed her lover and moved into our house. For two months, until the affair ended, I slept in the spare room and listened to her groans and grunts of pleasure and, worst / best of all, calling his name.
  • a man in age only, in all other ways a boy whose wife turns to other men to satisfy her womanly needs that her husband can’t
    Example: Rob has a really small penis and just can’t take care of Kristi’s needs but she’s finding real men who can. So she’s just making a cuckold out of Rob
  • A husband or long term boyfriend who either likes to watch his wife with other men or is forced to watch. Often there are different levels of humiliation involved such as chastity, financial, sissification, etc. Terms surrounding cuckold include cuckolded, hotwife, bull, lover, etc.
    Example: Different levels of cuckolding can be seen at Here the wives show you the many different levels of cuckolding.
  • 1.A man who is the last to know that his wife has been unfaithful. 2.A very sad person who cannot satisfy his wife 3.a poor sucker married to a slut.
    Example: lets look to the celebrities for this one…cuckold…
  • A word used to describe a married man who’s wife is sleeping with other men.
    Example: Believe it or not, there are many cuckolds in todays society.
  • a man married with an unfaithful woman
    Example: my wife works in the traffic..i’m a cuckold!
  • A person (formerly only a man, but now one of either gender) who is the spouse of an adulterer.
    Example: During the Clinton Administration, Hillary Rodham Clinton was sometimes sarcastically referred to as “The First Cuckold.”
  • A woman with a submissive husband. This woman is dominant and has sex with other men while the husband the “cuck” watches and sometimes pays the other man.
    Example: Jane you are a cuckold. Paco you are a cuck.
  • Any loser who calls me and tells me he wants to pay my bills and watch me fuck other guys while he gets off on the size of the other man’s dick.
    Example: Peter can’t get his wife to sleep with other men so he calls a phone sex operator who plays a cuckold fantasy with him so he can finally get off on his desires.
  • Someoone (typically a man) who has been cheated on by his partner. Can be used in may ways as below:
    Example: I am now a cuckold… she cuckolded me. When your love is loving someone else, a cuckold will you be. This cuckoldation has cuckoldified me. And cuckoldentially I’m cuckoldised by her cuckoldity. Cuckoldish me, life has taken on a cuckoldastic twist. should have seen when I looked at her, she was a cuckoldist!
  • When a white man gets sexual excitement from allowing a black man to have sex with his wife or girlfriend. This sexual desire that might be viewed as racist since the pleasure is derived from some peoples’ beliefs that it is degrading to white women to have sex with black men.
    Example: She filed for divorce after their cuckold because the trust was gone.
  • the losing party in “promiscuous adultery
    Example: damn, homie, why y’all gotta cuckold me like that g meister??
  • an ugly old male named Robert who is also a codger
    Example: Robert the cuckold lets Hirsch give him stickers in physics.

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