Term: Docking
Definition: Men with uncut foreskins connecting their cocks together.
Synonyms: dock

Definitions From Urban Dictionary:

  • The act of placing the head of ones penis inside the foreskin of another’s penis.
    Example: David and Patrick enjoyed docking immensely because of Patty’s stretchy foreskin.
  • The act of placing the head of one’s penis inside the foreskin of another’s penis.
    Example: Dave and Richard enjoyed docking because it brought them closer together.
  • A homosexual act where a circumcised man inserts the head of his penis into another man’s foreskin.
    Example: Docking was easy with Richard, because he had a very stretchy foreskin.
  • The delicious act of two men rubbing the heads of their dicks together, with one of the men’s foreskin being stretched over the head of his partner’s dick. Add a little leakage (precum) from one (or both of their dicks), mutual excitement, rubbing, grinding, heavy breathing and the result is a mind-blowing orgasm for both men.
    Example: Alone in their personal sauna at home, Josh and Wayne glued their dicks together with a little skin and spooge and made love to each other’s cock all night long…ahhh the joys of docking.
  • The art of sticking any object down a mans jap-eye (urethera).
    Example: “will inserted a biro pen into his one eyed milkman for sexual plesure a cracking docking session”
  • Docking is just what it sounds like, imagine two space ships connecting. Thats it, except with two dicks. For the less geeky inclined, docking is when two uncircumsized guys just kinda aim at eachother and meet in the middle.
    Example: Anthony and Nick were bored so they decided to try a bit of docking.
  • The act of covering the head of a cut cock with the foreskin of an uncut cock.
    Example: Another reason Dave liked to dock with Richard was because it was the only way Dave could get his dickhead covered with smegma. Circumsized guys cannot make smegma.
  • To insert your penis into a sheath of a male canine, until orgasim.
    Example: I could be docking with your greatdane right now.
  • The act in which increasingly large circular items are placed inside the “pisshole” of a human penis in order to stretch the hole to awe inspiring sizes. One should continue the action of “docking” until you can place a relay batton inside your penis. Once you have reached this size you should be able to perform frontal male homosexual intercourse.
    Example: “Andy Tappin was so happy, he reached the stage where docking a relay batton no longer made his banjo string snap”
  • The lewd act of a homosexual couple where one participant nurtures and trains his fore skin and ‘pee hole’ to open unnaturally enough for his partner to ‘Dock’ with him in a rather odd and probably painful manner.
    Example: His penis really had a wide on, He was as loose as a clowns pocket.. I easily docked with him, Docking with him was exhilarating.

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