Term: DP
Definition: Quite simply an acronym Double Penetration. Also see DVDA.
Synonyms: double penetration

Definitions From Urban Dictionary:

  • Double Penetration
    Example: My Girlfriend is really into DP
  • Shorter nickname for double penetration. Insertion of two penises simultaneously into a slut(whore/floosie/bitch/cum guzzling gutter slut/cum gutter)
    Example: It takes two to tango, but three to DP!!!
  • 1 Step away from airtight. When a woman is penetrated in both an anal and vaginal fashion, at the same time. Requires a buddy.
    Example: Man, I dont know what to do, this girl I just met is really into DP.
  • noun: Two Penises in a woman’s orifices, be it ass+ pussy, pussy+mouth, or mouth+ ass. verb: the act of putting two penises in two different holes on the same woman at the same time.
    Example: Jane had her friends John and Jack over. John and Jack both had sex with her at the same time in different holes. Therefore, Jane got a dp.
  • dp as in display picture. Only used on IM, like MSN.
    Example: Ally says: like mi dp?? Bernie says: y the fuk wud i want 2 see a pic of u naked?!
  • well it can mean double penetration, donkey punch or puncture, and hes the coldest character on aqua teen hunger force EVER i mean the bulls the best
    Example: 1. D to the P lets go i got the munchies 2. DP that dude totlly cut you off flip him some burnage big time, suck on that padre! 3. DP:uhh…oh man my probe, what happened to my probe? Frilock:yea u stuck it in that laser, u thought it was a breast DP:did i fill her up dude? Frilock: IT WAS A LASER DP: oh rite, rite
  • dick plug (dp), meaning ur an asshole or u can use it if your gay and u like saying that kinda stuff
    Example: Eugene- Hey dawg sup? Hugo- Dont give me that crap…i no what u’ve been doin wit ma girl u dp (dick plug)!
  • Deep Purple. A hard rock band from 1970s that had hits such as “Hush”, “Smoke on the Water”, “Highway Star”, “Lazy”, “Woman from Tokyo”, and many other great songs.
    Example: Deep Purple was a great band, but not as great as Led Zeppelin!
  • Deer Park Brand Natural Spring Water Bottles
    Example: Yo, let me get a DP from Poppa Dolb’s hailse.
  • In computer science, dynamic programming (short: DP) is a method for reducing the runtime of algorithms exhibiting the properties of overlapping subproblems and optimal substructure. Mathematician Richard Bellman invented dynamic programming in 1953. The field was founded as a systems analysis and engineering topic which is recognized by the IEEE.
    Example: The problem looks too hard to solve – it must be dp!
  • short for Del Playa. A beach front street in Isle Vista, steps away from the UC Santa Barbara campus. The hub for college partying, drinking, sex, and drugs. Host of the largest Halloween party I’ve seen every year.
    Example: Girl: What are you doing Thursday night? Guy: Hitting up DP for some free beer, there’s like 10 keggers.
  • 1)Short for ‘double post’, when someone makes two posts that say the same thing. Usually, a dp is made because the person clicked the ‘post’ button twice, or is just spamming. 2)Short for ‘deep pussy‘, usually a larger woman has one. A pussy that goes on and on. 3)Short for ‘double penetration’, or when a woman or girl has a penis in her vagina and in her ass at the same time.
    Example: 1)A user called whachtameanboy69 always dp’s on my BraveNet forum. It’s annoying. 2)I fucked Brent’s fat old mom last night. She had such a dp, I could stick my whole 9.5inch dick in her, and there was still more room! 3)Damn, my new girlfriend Monica is into dp. She keeps asking me if my buddy Kent can join us when we fuck.
  • A short story by Kurt Vonnegut.
    Example: Joe is lookin for his Daddy in DP.
  • Digital Performer – an audio/MIDI sequencing software program.
    Example: DP sucks. Acid & Logic are wayyyy better.
  • Dr. Pepper
    Example: Damn, taco bell rules DEEEEE PEEEE!!!!
  • Divine Protection (World of Warcraft). A spell that a Paladin can cast on him/herself once every 5 minutes that makes them immune to all damage and removes all effects, and it last 10 seconds. Generally referred to as a “bubble”, or “to bubble” Sometimes used in battlegrounds to secure the flag in Warsong Gulch or to “Bubble-hearth”, a (usually seen as very cowardly) to their Hearthstone location out of fights, raids or groups.
    Example: “I had to chase Wanda all the way to the flag room because she DP’ed.” “I was almost slaughtered by a gang of Murlocs, but I DP’ed and ran.”
  • Generally used on msn and other messengers. The word is a shourt term for display picture.
    Example: e.g. do u like my new dp??
  • Short way of saying Donkey Punch
    Example: I DP that bitch last night, the noise she made was FUNNY AS HELL
  • {DP} dp is a dance party.
    Example: Everyone was having a DP when they were drunk.
  • What you call your live-in partner. DP or Domestic Partner.
    Example: Yes, me and the DP would love to join you for dinner. Sorry dude, the old DP won’t let me out tonight.

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