Term: Enema
Definition: Insertion of fluids into the anal passage via a tube.
Synonyms: enemas, enemata

Definitions From Urban Dictionary:

  • (ene’ma) noun. The process of pouring water into a rectum. This can be theraputic (to relieve constipation), for cleanliness (to clean the rectum before anal sex), or erotic (some people receive pleasure from the sensation of having a full bowel).
    Example: I gave my wife a 2-quart enema last night. She loved it. I always give my girlfriend an enema before we enagage in rough anal sex.
  • A person who exceeds the limitations of the label: douche
    Example: The guy in the front row at a John Mayer concert is a douche. The guy behind him MOSHING at a John Mayer concert is an enema.
  • anal sex at its best
    Example: let’s go back to my place and..you know…enema!!

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