Female Ejaculation

Term: Female Ejaculation
Definition: When a woman expels fluids from her genitals during orgasm.
Synonyms: femcum, squirting

Definitions From Urban Dictionary:

  • During orgasm all of the fluid emitted from a woman’s urethra is ejaculate. Thought it may feel like your urinating, it’s just the sensation the uteris gives you as it contracts and relaxes during orgasm. The best thing to do whilst having sex or oral is for the woman to relax, and at the point of Orgasm to not hold back, but to relax. Do keep a couple of towels near by because your female friend could be a bit more than a pussy cat, and have you swimming in gods juices. Hint: Your right i am a bloke out there to help, i have found this information out and passed it on to you so give it a go and good luck:):):)
    Example: Stimulation of the G spot or Clitoris and with a high level fore-play by the man will lead to an Intense Orgasm
  • a milky-clear fluid thats shoots out of a urethra in a great quantity like a projectile explosion because of a extreme sexual orgasm; often feels like urination
    Example: after the horny man had mercilessly pounded her g-spot several times she felt like she was going to pee but instead a fluid jetted out from her swelling urethra and soaked the man completely

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