Term: Gaping
Definition: An orifice that is stretched wide open, in pornography, a gaping hole is generally referring to the state of the anus following anal sex or double penetration.
Synonyms: gape, gaped

Example: After enjoying some anal sex with my gf, I stepped back to admire her wide gaping ass hole.

Definitions From Urban Dictionary:

  • when someone is doing a girl up the ass and takes it out, the big hole is her gaping ass
    Example: I did Trisha up that sweat ass of hers and it was gaping for weeks
  • Hole is wide open
    Example: I stuck it in her gaping hole
  • An irregular sized vagina or butt hole. made wider by having to much sex. A very loose vagina or butt hole.
    Example: Callie’s so gaping you could stick the thumb of michigan in her vagina. I thought i discovered a black hole only to find out it was Callie’s gaping vagina.
  • when a woman shows her relaxed ass to you. Its a nasty thing only kinky women will do. Dont even try asking your lady. we didnt speek for weeks. when gays do gaping its called homoholing yeggg..
    Example: can you do gaping with your pussy also? icebears dont like gaping, dolphins like it tho After me spunking the munchie she did some gaping and when she was done with that, she did some squirting and finnaly gave som good ol’ blumpkin
  • Karlee Ann Smith’s Vagina
    Example: Wow, her pale white vahine is gaping, just like a black hole or a train tunnel.
  • Best ass out there
    Example: I love lick a gaping ass on a girl after he man shots his cumm in it I love to lick any gaping ass male or female

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