Term: Ladyboy
Definition: Similar to a shemale, a ladyboy is a male to female transgender person, the term generally refers to ladyboys from Thailand.
Synonyms: lady boy, shemale, kathoey, katoey, transvestite

Example: Let’s go to a go-go bar and pick up a ladyboy tonight and giver her an anal creampie – just like old times!


Definitions From Urban Dictionary:

  • A Male naturaly with all the attributes of a woman except for the plumbing. A true Ladyboy does not need surgery or makeup to look like a woman, nor is there a need to try and sound like a woman it is all natural for them.
    Example: If you go in to a club or talk to a Ladyboy on the street you would not know from the body language or voice that you are talking to a man. Once the truth is known, one might even want to try him/she out just to see if they can get past the plumbing issues.
  • Transvestite; a young male dressed as an attractive girl, often practising as a prostitute.
    Example: Back in his room, he discovered she was a ladyboy. But as he’d already paid, he thought he’d better make the best of it. It was the best head he’d ever had.
  • You think you have picked up a sexy girl. You put your hand up her skirt and find a HOT-DOG!!! Oops, you made a mistake….or was it really a mistake? Come on, be honest!
    Example: “Hey dude, what are you doin’ with my ladyboy?”
  • A boy or young man who dresses as a girl or wishes to dress or act like a girl, especially from the Thai culture. Often used to describe a young, gay Thai boy. Western society would describe a ladyboy as a young Thai transvestite. This term is used by Thai’s when they are speaking English. (The Thai word is altogether different.) Sometimes used by Thai’s as a general word to describe any gay boy or man.
    Example: My Thai friend, when introducing me to his family, proudly announced that his thirteen year old son was a ladyboy. Looking at his smiling son, I thought he was a girl.
  • a feminine girly man who couldn’t fight his way out of a wet paper bag. A male with female qualities who behaves in a womanly manner. One who is a bitch. One who gets laughed at constantly.
    Example: Sal is known as the ladyboy of the internet. Vitale is a ladyboy.
  • Specifically a Thai transvestite, but can be used in general to describe any Asian homosexual.
    Example: Check it out that guy’s such a ladyboy!
  • Drink consisting of a Baileys, a gin and tonic and a pint of lager.
    Example: A drink one might order at a travel tavern.
  • Found in their normal habitat of the bars of South East Asia. Large clusters of them congregate in Bangkok, Chaing Mai, Koh Samuii and Koh Phuket. A gender challenged male. Some have become true transsexuals, others are on their way. The computer geeks that have defined this word previously have obviously never been with a real woman and there are several tell tale signs that any red-blooded male can use to spot a ladyboy. i) Adam’s apple. ii) Size of hands. iii) Voice. iv) The way they walk. All these can be altered but using these guildlines and a modicum of common sense ladyboys can be easily spotted. But only if you want to. The phrase, “I honestly thought they were women” does not cut it with me closet boy.
    Example: “Sean, Sean I want your penis in my mouth.” “Put your own there.” “No! No! I lady. I no penis.” “Look ‘darling’, you’ve got a face like a slapped arse, an adam’s apple the size of a tennis ball and hands that Andre the Giant would be proud of. You are no lady. Ladyboy at best but more like Hellboy.”
  • A ladyboy can be identified by the phrase ‘he seems like a nice boy’ in feminine undertones. A feminine man, possibly a hockey player.
    Example: Oliver Dallaway seems like a nice boy. He a bit of a ladyboy.
  • Man disguised as a biatch. Commonly found luring unsuspecting English men into alleyways in downtown Bangkok.
    Example: Hey Tee, you with a ladyboy again, biatch!

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