Term: Snowballing
Definition: Cum swapping, women sharing the goo of guys via kissing or spitting. Often seen in bukkake.

Definitions From Urban Dictionary:

  • A sex game. Passing cum from person to person in such a way that the amount of cum increases.
    Example: Man cums in womans mouth, she spits cum into another womans mouth and a man cums in it too. She spits this into another womans mouth and so it goes on, back and forth till the last woman has to swallow a massive glop of cum. The “snowball” effect, see?
  • when a man cums into a females mouth and then she spits it into the mans mouth
    Example: they went out and were snowballing for hours
  • A very kinky sexual game when after someone has had sperm ejaculated into their mouth they hold it orally rather than spitting or swallowing, then french-kiss with their partner. It can also apply with two guys or a group with at least one guy involved (no duh).
    Example: Aftering Russell ejaculated in Kat’s mouth they started snowballing.
  • the act of jizzing in a bitches mouth and having her spit said jizz into another bitches mouth.
    Example: “Those hoes were snowballing my jizz, and then I ate a ham sandwich”
  • when a guy cums in a girls mouth,they make out, and swish it around
    Example: zeke was snowballing with sara
  • Forming balls out of snow to be thrown at your friends in fun, or enemies in anger.
    Example: When I was a kid, my friends and I would go snowballing and have snowball fights.
  • A game where you compact pieces of snow to form a ball and through it at each other.
    Example: Im bored lets go snowballing in the snow…
  • according to the Sex Quiz on Talk Sex with Sue — the technique of applying ice to the testicles just before climax.
    Example: While having sex, Jane put a handfull of ice on Dick’s balls just as he ejaculated all over her giving him the full snowballing effect.
  • when u throw snowballs at people
    Example: hey billy just got hit with a snowball
  • Deceiving another person, particularly through lying or exaggerating the facts
    Example: I told Marty that I didn’t have sex with his sister, but I was totally snowballing him
  • -extended, also known as snowball extreme.
    Example: man cums into cunt, cunt drops the load into other cunt, cunt drops load into mouth of person1, person1 spits load into a cunt,. choose which.

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