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Cream Pie

Term: Cream Pie
Definition: When a man shoots his load inside of the vagina, ass, or mouth it's called a creampie or cream pie.
Synonyms: creampie, internal cumshot
Date Added: 25 November, 2005

Cream Pie

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Author: Anonymous
Comment: tankyou for telling me
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Date Added: 27 April, 2009

Author: Anonymous
Comment: wellcum. lol
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Date Added: 02 June, 2010

Author: Highlander
Comment: I love vaginal creampies. It is one of my biggest turn-ons. Another huge turn-on is size A and smaller breasts. The reason why I love small breasts or smaller is that they do not sag at all. I love the vagina the most, followed by the tongue and the breasts. I also love to be raped by a very beautiful Asian girl! :) It has always been my dream to be raped by very beautiful Asian girls and cum inside. I also love extreme pain in my favorite body part!! :) The more pain in my favorite body part, the more I cum. :)
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Date Added: 21 October, 2010

Author: John
Comment: I love eating creampie from my wife after we have sex. It turns her on to have me eat my cum from her pussy.
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Date Added: 11 June, 2011

Author: Anonymous
Comment: Does anyone know a word or term for when a girl takes multiple cream pies in a row? Kind of like a cum dumpster except in the vagina/ass.
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Date Added: 04 March, 2012

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